Sunday, December 7, 2008

All About Researching

Wow... I believe I have been glued to my computer screen for the last week doing research for my company DancePlug. Research on SEO, marketing, and all that good stuff! It is quite a complex world, but there is so much to learn from.

Here are a few websites I came across that grabbed my attention, but have not quite figured out how to use them:
- you can bookmark your favorite websites and share them with others, or find people's faves
- this one seems to be for bigger websites, I will have to look more into it and prove myself wrong.
leaves me perplexed, and I'm probably not the only one. I am sure it has to be good somehow...
- looks really useful but how to get in there?

Besides looking into these few resources, I have been busy sending my press release online and announcing the website launch on
Launchfeed, FaceBook and MySpace.

If anybody can shine a light on the websites I mentioned above, please do!

bizzy bee

Friday, December 5, 2008

A frightening start

My first blog on my first voyage... this ought to be interesting!
I am here to talk about how frightening yet exciting it is to embark in a new business journey. I have recently mounted a new company, DancePlug, with 2 other partners.

All three of us being professionals in the dance world, we decided that the dance community needed an online hub to self-promote, connect, find resources, and grow as an artist. So we created a network geared towards dance professionals as well as dance lovers. In addition we also created online dance classes of many styles and levels, taught by some top choreographers of the industry (such as Tabitha and Napoleon of "So You Think You Can Dance"). These are only the big features of our "little big" baby.

It was a lot of work, and it still is. There are so many things to think about on many aspects:
  • the administration for a new business
  • the finances
  • the development
  • the creativity
  • the marketing
and I probably forgot lots more...

It was sometimes hard not to lose sight of what we wanted to achieve, as you drown under papers, legalities, fees, etc... You get one thing done, and another arises. Lots, lots, lots, lots of research. And that's where I think it gets exciting as well. I have enjoyed learning about things I would have never thought of otherwise.

Yes the fear sometimes overwhelms the excitement and then the excitement takes over. It keeps rotating, and it has kept me going...

So I'm going back to work on my website, but I'll be back with more thoughts and details.

Bizzy Bee.